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Nudists find a place to call their own

Members who bitterly grieved the loss of the Crocus Grove nudist club after new campground owners discontinued nudism have landed on their bare feet. "We're building our new home our new playground! I'm champing at the bit to get there and see this place started," says longtime nudist Bob Migliore.

Many of the 60 members pitched in to help buy 80 acres of farmland with pristine trees, 10 kilometres east of Libau, renamed Naturist Legacy. (The new website is

This summer, they'll be working on infrastructure for the tent and mobile unit lots, a new pool, hiking trails, volleyball courts and a rec centre. "It's not likely we'll have the pool finished this year," adds Migliore, wistfully. "This summer won't be for brand-new nudists, unless they're willing to work," he says. "But we've already had some surprising offers. People who are non-nudists have even volunteered! We had some ladies say, 'We'll come by with a shovel and an axe if you'll just let us tent nearby.'" Nothing like a work site with a view.

SOURCE: "Nudists find a place to call their own" by Maureen Scurfield / The Insider. This article was published on April 8, 2011 in The Winnipeg Free Press.

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