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Who better to ask about the history of Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park than someone who actually lived and breathed that history? My personal experience with the corporation and park is vast. Not everything that I know is documented here. Got questions? I've got answers!

My e-mail address is I would enjoy hearing from you.

If you've got comments, please share them.
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If you need information, please request it.
If you've got information, please send it.

I respond promptly and fully to all e-mail inquiries. All correspondence is confidential. I welcome these file types as e-mail attachments: jpg, gif, png, txt, doc, pdf and zip.

If you've found problems with this website like typos, broken links or anything else that doesn't look or work right, please let me know. If you've found verifiable inaccuracies in any of the information that I provide here, please bring the errors to my attention so that I can make corrections. If you've found information on this website that you think doesn't belong here, please let me know. I'll review it to see if removal is justified.

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