Manitoba nudists

Media coverage from John Kundert's time as Naturist Legacy's president:

In April of 2010, the current owners of the campground that hosted Crocus Grove Sun Club for the past 40 years decided to go textile for financial reasons.... With only $10,000 in the bank and few other tangible assets, the task of staying alive as a club and rebuilding at first looked impossible.... The club executive met and an amazing brainstorming session took place from which a whole new concept for social nudism in Manitoba was born!... Crocus Grove Sun Club officially evolved into Naturist Legacy Inc. on September 11, 2010.... Naturist Legacy was devised by nudists and will be operated by nudists. Its land will be developed by nudists and cared for by nudists. Our business plan calls for financing in the form of membership fees paid forward and donations.... Many members are paying their membership fees forward in excess of five to ten years.... We estimate that we will require $250,000 to fund the full development of our project.... We are nothing without land, of course. We eventually found and purchased what we believe to be the perfect property for our new home.

Excerpts from "Crocus Grove Sun Club Rises From The Ashes To Become Naturist Legacy Inc." by John Kundert
The Bulletin, American Association for Nude Recreation, February 2011

The full text of this article is available from John Kundert on request.

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Manitoba nudists