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Naturist Legacy News Update

April 16, 2011 
It was on this day one year ago — on April 16, 2010 — that the Crocus Grove Sun Club Executive met in emergency session after learning just three days earlier that our home of 40 years would no longer be nudist. It was at this meeting that Naturist Legacy was "born" conceptually. What a long, long way we have come in just one year! The most important accomplishment by far was the purchase of a wonderful new piece of land to call our home. No mortgage. Ours forever. Nudist forever!

And now, at long last, the beginning of OUR first season is almost upon us. For many of us, the level of excitement and anticipation and expectation is sky high! It's going to be a hard year, but it's also going to be a great year! Let's get ready to go to work!...

Another meeting of Naturist Legacy's Advisory Council was held on April 13th. The topics on the agenda were:

(1) Discussion regarding the latest site planning including the design and layout of utilities, buildings, pool, seasonal campsites, etc.

The latest site plan can be downloaded [here]. The plan itself appears on page one of this document with the legend appearing on page two. This plan will undoubtedly continue to evolve as more information is collected and when work actually begins on the ground, but it should give everyone a general idea of what we'll be building and where.

(2) Discussion regarding seasonal lot selection.

Members who have paid forward and/or donated are the people who have funded Naturist Legacy Park and who have made landed social nudism in Manitoba possible once again. Except for getting extra votes at meetings, however, they essentially get no other "perks" for their generosity (or financial sacrifice, in some cases). It seemed reasonable, then, to give them first choice on the seasonal sites. During the lot reservation and selection process, priority will be given to those members who have paid forward and/or donated the most. Lot reservations are being accepted right now. We expect actual lot selection to take place at the park in a month or so.

(3) Discussion about construction and development priorities.

A formidable task list (see [here]) was distributed to Advisory Council members detailing our aggressive development goals for 2011. The size and scope of what needs to be done this year is admittedly a bit overwhelming. However, each individual job has a beginning and an end, and not every job will be undertaken at the same time. If we manage our priorities correctly, the jobs will be completed one by one and in the proper order. The size of the list will gradually diminish and we should have it completed by next fall. If all goes to plan, Naturist Legacy Park will have undergone an amazing transformation by season's end!

(4) Discussion regarding the massive volunteer effort that will be required in 2011.

The members of Naturist Legacy are a community, and that community will be challenged as never before in 2011 to step up and do whatever they can to help. We'll need people to continue funding our efforts. We'll need people willing to do hard labour. We'll need people willing to do lighter tasks. We'll need people willing to advise and to guide. We'll need people willing to listen and to follow. Everyone has the ability to contribute something helpful. Everyone! We can do this — but not without everyone's help!...


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These excerpts are from the public edition of the April 16, 2011 Naturist Legacy News Update. Check out the 2011 Photo Galleries to see how we did with the "formidable task list" mentioned above.

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