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Photo Gallery 15 (2011)

Naturist Legacy Park finally gets electricity

Not long after the newly installed electrical equipment and underground wiring was inspected and approved, two Manitoba Hydro workers arrived to install wiring for the new meter that would record Naturist Legacy Park's electricity consumption. This was not the simple task I had expected! I was surprised by the intricacy and complexity of their task. The workmanship of these men was impressive. And then, on the 22nd day of July, the final Manitoba Hydro crew arrived to connect their wires to the park's wires. All of the other Hydro crews that I had met were very safety-conscious, but none more so than this crew — probably because they would actually be dealing with live wires and energized equipment! A heavy black electric cable was attached to the transformer pole and covered with a galvanized metal trough for protection. The cable was connected to the breaker near the top of the pole and to the inside of the park's electrical distribution cabinet below. The man who was in charge gave everything a very thorough hands-on final inspection before the breaker was closed and current flowed. At long last, Naturist Legacy Park had electricity!

These photographs were taken in July 2011. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more about them. Click or tap to enlarge.

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