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Pay Forward Reimbursements

Newsletter articles from my time as Naturist Legacy's president
We are pleased to report that just over $13,000 worth of membership fees paid in advance have been credited back to Naturist Legacy members in 2012. This represents the first step in our plan to credit these fees back in full to most members within five years.

Even though membership fees that were previously paid forward are now beginning to flow back to members, we are still in need of new pay-forward money with which to continue our park's development. Several members topped up their pay forward accounts when they paid their 2012 invoices. Others paid forward for the very first time. Thank you! This is the sort of willing support needed to fund the continuing development of Naturist Legacy Park!

Last fall, a few members expressed their willingness to forgo reimbursements in 2012 to help further our development goals. Our contractual obligation to reimburse pre-paid membership fees would not allow us to accept this generous offer on an individual basis, but there's nothing to prevent these members from writing us a cheque equal to what was actually reimbursed to them. Doing so would have the same material effect as postponing their reimbursements would have had. Such kind gestures would, of course, be gladly welcomed!


This newsletter is the non-members edition. Last names, addresses, phone numbers, locations, etc. have been omitted in order to preserve the confidentiality of active members.


This article was written by me. It's from the public edition of the May 1, 2012 Naturist Legacy News Update. Check out the 2012 Photo Galleries to see what was accomplished during this ambitious year of construction and development at Naturist Legacy Park. 

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Naturism (also called nudism) is the practice of going without clothing in social settings (generally in mixed-gender groups of all ages) in the belief that doing so is beneficial.

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