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Capable and intensely dedicated leadership contributed to Naturist Legacy's success

Quoting from the "Naturist Legacy Inc. Business Fundamentals Guide":

Though Naturist Legacy Inc. is officially a non-profit corporation, it's still at its core a business, and it must be managed like one. Any business venture, no matter what kind, dies if it's not properly managed. Some poorly managed businesses die fast, some die slow, but they all meet the same fate. The main reason why small businesses fail can be specifically pinpointed: poor planning. The good news is that poor planning is completely avoidable. Once you know what kinds of planning you should do, and once you have the right people doing it, it's then just a matter of getting the job done. Careful and deliberate planning is the rule for Naturist Legacy's board. Winter months, for example, are never set aside as idle time. Instead, planning, discussions, negotiations and meetings take place....

In order for an organization to be successful, many different skill sets must be in place along with the right resources in cash, materials and equipment. Naturist Legacy was very fortunate because the ingredients needed to create our "recipe for success" all came together in the right place and at the right time. They came together when we needed them the most.

Any good chef will tell you that having the right people in the kitchen — that is, people who can actually cook and who can actually make recipes work — is and always will be the key to culinary success. Managing a business is no different. Naturist Legacy Inc. must always have the right "cooks" on our board of directors with the right skills to make our recipe for business success work. Our by-laws ensure that the majority of board members will always have extensive business experience. This is another key element to hold our future secure. The primary goal of any board of directors is to ensure the survival and health of our corporation, first and foremost. We are meeting that primary duty....

Naturist Legacy Inc. is a non-profit (non-share) corporation. No one "owns" Naturist Legacy Inc. It's governed by a board of directors (elected by its membership), who are in turn governed by the corporation's by-laws (approved by its membership)....

The board has a duty to exercise due diligence in overseeing the activities of the corporation. Its required to act in good faith and in the best interest of the organization. Board members are tasked not to act as they would personally, but to act as Naturist Legacy Inc. would and should — that is, for its sake, not theirs. In other words, Naturist Legacy's agenda and best interests are paramount, and not those of the board. It takes reflection and effort in order to be sure that members of the board are always separating the two.

Directors on the board may be held liable for failure to act as stated under a statute, or for the non-compliance of the organization with a statute. For example, directors may be liable for mismanagement, financial losses or nonperformance. It's also important to note that directors can be held personally liable. Ignorance is not a defense. Resignation is not necessarily a defense. Board indemnity may not be enough.

The board manages risk tolerance for the corporation. Risk tolerance describes the amount of risk that the organization is willing to assume. It has two key components: appetite for risk and capacity for risk. Risk management weighs potential opportunities against any adverse effects. There are essentially four ways to manage risk: avoidance, transferance, mitigation or acceptance.

We must constantly remind ourselves that Naturist Legacy is greater than any one person or any one personal cause. The corporation and its success always need to come first. We should all share this mindset, in fact, since it is this overarching priority that has provided us with the opportunity to practice naturism on our land....

SOURCE: These excerpts are from the "Naturist Legacy Inc. Business Fundamentals Guide" (PDF), a document published in February 2013. It was written by the Naturist Legacy Inc. board of directors.

Quoting from "Call for NLI Board Nominations — October 3, 2013":
Naturist Legacy Inc. invites nominations for its board of directors. The corporation may have from three to seven directors on its board.

The board of directors oversees the management of Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park. The board acts to protect and enhance the assets of Naturist Legacy Inc. in the interest of the members and other stakeholders. Since Naturist Legacy Inc. is a legal corporation, it's prudent that the majority of its board be comprised of persons with sound business acumen. Although directors may be elected by the members to bring special expertise and points of view, they should not be chosen to represent a particular cause or agenda. They have a legally binding fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of Naturist Legacy Inc.

Naturist Legacy Inc.'s board is committed to strong, responsible and ethical governance. Integral to this commitment is ensuring that the board has an effective and well-rounded mix of skills, experience and attributes necessary to meet the needs and demands of the corporation. All candidates for the board of directors must meet the requirements for a director as set out in the by-laws of Naturist Legacy Inc. and by the criteria as determined by the current board of directors per Article 16(e) of those same by-laws:

16(e) Those persons seeking election to the position of director will be required to demonstrate and fulfill certain skill sets and working criteria that will be predetermined by the standing board of directors, as they are needed to fulfill the working mandate of the corporation. The corporation, through its nominating officer, will disclose and make available such criteria in reasonable time that the nominating officer may find suitable candidates. For the good of the corporation, the majority of directors shall at all times be comprised of individuals possessing extensive business experience, briefly defined as:
(1) Having worked in a management or professional position within the private or corporate sector, and/or

(2) Having owned or operated a successful company, and

(3) Possessing direct experience with and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of a corporation or private sector organization or business.

In order to stand for election to the board, a member must first be a "Supporting Member" in good standing of Naturist Legacy Inc. (see Article 15(a) of Naturist Legacy's by-laws). According to Article 6(b) of those same by-laws, "The Supporting class of membership shall include any individual 18 years of age and over who supports the purposes of the corporation, who has paid their membership fees forward by at least $1000.00 in advance or gifted at least $1000.00 to the corporation, and who has satisfied all other membership criteria as may be established by the corporation from time to time."

Naturist Legacy Inc. directors with all or many of the following competencies would make a positive contribution to the effective functioning of the board as a whole:

(1) Understands basic responsibilities, accountabilities and liabilities as a director, including the appropriate roles of management and board function.

(2) Understands Naturist Legacy Inc.'s core business as well as current and progressive business practices.

(3) Can read, interpret and assess the implications of financial reports.

(4) Experience and ability to think strategically. Ability to relate external business and environmental conditions to Naturist Legacy Inc.'s operations.

(5) Trustworthy and conscientious and can be relied upon to act and speak with consistency and honesty.

(6) Invests time learning about the organization, its issues and people, and the industry in which Naturist Legacy Inc. operates.

(7) Demonstrates an interest in the success of Naturist Legacy Inc. and has the ability to be an ambassador for the corporation. This includes a willingness to directly assist with business and membership development.

The skill sets and working criteria for general directors predetermined by the standing board of directors for the term year 2013-14 per Article 16(e) of Naturist Legacy Inc.'s by-laws are as follows:

A general director shall be responsible for advising the officers of the board of directors, assisting with governing Naturist Legacy's business affairs, participating in developing policy and direction, assisting with the leadership and general promotion of Naturist Legacy Inc., and actively supporting the on site day-to-day operations of Naturist Legacy Park.

Term Of Position:
One year from the date of the Annual General Meeting as per Naturist Legacy Inc.'s by-laws.

(1) Regularly attend board meetings and other important meetings.
(2) Make a serious commitment to participate actively in board work.
(3) Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.
(4) Stay informed about board matters. Prepare well for meetings. Review and comment on minutes and reports in a very timely manner.
(5) Keep a daily check on e-mails from other members of the board and respond in a timely fashion (same or next day).
(6) Perform duties and assignments needed to develop and operate Naturist Legacy Inc. with respect to timelines as required.
(7) Keep current on all policies and procedures.
(8) Attend special events as often as possible.
(9) Understand the policies and procedures of Naturist Legacy Inc. as written.
(10) Hold in absolute confidence any and all sensitive information about members and guests.
(11) Be willing to forgo your own "personal time" at Naturist Legacy Park to assist with on-site operations as required.
(12) Perform any legal duties and responsibilities required by Naturist Legacy Inc. as per the Laws and Acts of the Province of Manitoba, and as per the Laws and Acts of the Government of Canada.

Naturist Legacy Park Duties:
(1) Be available to conduct on-site management of the park on at least one weekend day (a full day, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or later as required) in reasonable rotation with fellow Board members.
(2) Greet visitors (while nude whenever possible), conduct tours of the park, register guests and new members, collect fees, process paperwork, etc.
(3) Problem-solve and deal with issues as they arise.
(4) Oversee park rules and the conduct of members and guests.
(5) Make sure members are comfortable and welcomed.
(6) Perform maintenance tasks as needed from time to time.

Other Qualifications And Requirements (supplementing the Competencies listed above):
(1) Marketing experience an asset.
(2) Must not be away for extended periods of time (Naturist Legacy Inc.'s board conducts business year round).
(3) Good e-mail and Internet technology skills.
(4) Well-rounded manual skill set useful for park maintenance an asset....

SOURCE: "Call for NLI Board Nominations — October 3, 2013" (slightly abridged), written by the Naturist Legacy Inc. board of directors.

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John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Park Scrapbook is about preserving and sharing nudist history. The focus of this website is the extraordinary early history of Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park, Manitoba's only nudist park.

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