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Clubhouse Project Update — June 23, 2014

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Thanks to your generosity, an additional $9,000 was raised this spring to go towards completing the interior of our new clubhouse. Because of these additional funds, we determined that we had enough money to enlarge our kitchen to the full size originally envisioned in our planning. Work resumed just as soon as the snow melted. The first order of business was to build the additional kitchen walls and install an additional window.

We next prepared for the electrician (pre-mounting of electrical boxes, excavation of outside wiring, etc.). He began his work on May 13.

Next came the plumbing. Fern installed the wastewater pipes first and then the water supply lines.

Then came the insulation. We have chosen to insulate just the ceiling (for the alleviation of noise from the metal roof as well as for thermal protection).

Vapour barrier was then installed. After passing an inspection, we installed drywall on the ceiling. The walls are next.

In between the major projects outlined above, we also installed railings for the new clubhouse access decking and a new attic access door.

What's Next?
The next few weeks will be just as busy as the past few weeks. The next step will be drywalling the walls and then installing flooring. Light fixtures, ceiling fans, receptacles and switches will come after that. Then work on the kitchen and bathrooms will begin. Once that's all done, we should finally be eligible for our occupancy permit. Adding trim boards and painting will be last of all.

Thank You!
We extend our sincerest gratitude to all who offered additional clubhouse funding this spring, and to all who have volunteered their help with the physical work so far this year. Neither our clubhouse nor Naturist Legacy Park itself would exist without the generous funding and active volunteering of club members. Thank you!

SOURCE: This article is as it appeared on the Naturist Legacy website on June 23, 2014. I am the author.

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I was with Naturist Legacy for seven years. I learned a lot during that time. There was "nuts and bolts" stuff, like learning how to incorporate a non-profit organization, and learning how to build a nudist park from the ground up, and learning how to run it. And then there was the deeper stuff, like what I learned about human nature during those years, and what I learned about myself after all was said and done. ?

"You can't connect the dots looking forward," Steve Jobs once said. "You can only connect them looking backward."