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Happy Anniversary! (2013)

Articles about Naturist Legacy's early success

Hi everyone,

It was three years ago today — on October 1, 2010 — that Naturist Legacy Inc. took possession of our new property. What an amazing ride it's been since then! Three years ago we faced the incredibly daunting task of building a nudist park completely from scratch in the middle of empty bush. Today we have a thriving community of active social nudists enjoying a modern park with almost all of the essential amenities including a large new clubhouse now under construction!

We have managed to accomplish all of this — together — without any outside financing and with a minimum of outside labour!

As president of Naturist Legacy, it is my great pleasure to once again express my deepest appreciation to those of you who have helped make this achievement possible through your financial support and through your active volunteering. We could never have achieved so very much in such a short time without your generous assistance!


SOURCE: This article was published in the October 1, 2013 edition of the NLI BARE FACTS newsletter. I am the author.

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I was with Naturist Legacy for seven years. I learned a lot during that time. There was "nuts and bolts" stuff, like learning how to incorporate a non-profit organization, and learning how to build a nudist park from the ground up, and learning how to run it. And then there was the deeper stuff, like what I learned about human nature during those years, and what I learned about myself after all was said and done. ?

"You can't connect the dots looking forward," Steve Jobs once said. "You can only connect them looking backward."