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A historical glimpse into its structure, governance, fees and rules*

Naturist Legacy Inc.
Naturist Legacy Inc. was created by members of Crocus Grove Sun Club in 2010 after the owners of the campground they had called home for 40 years unexpectedly ended nude use. Crocus Grove Sun Club officially evolved into Naturist Legacy Inc. on September 11, 2010. "Naturist Legacy's business structure is somewhat unique. It's not a 'mom and pop' club, a co-op or a commercial, for-profit corporation. We are instead a membership-based non-profit (non-share) corporation. No one 'owns' Naturist Legacy. It's governed and managed by a board of directors (elected by the membership), who are in turn governed by the corporation's by-laws. The core reason for our very existence is spelled out in our Articles of Incorporation: 'The purpose of the corporation shall sustain and advance naturism through the acquisition and management of lands to be held in trust and permanently designated for naturist use'" (see "Manitoba's Naturist Legacy is open for business"). Naturist Legacy Inc. purchased new land of its own in September of 2010.

Naturist Legacy Park
Naturist Legacy Inc. owns and operates Naturist Legacy Park. The nudist park is located 35 minutes northeast of Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway (it's 10 kilometres east of Libau, Manitoba on Provincial Road 317). The 80-acre property was vacant farmland when Naturist Legacy Inc. took possession on October 1, 2010. "So how did we go from absolutely nothing to something quite amazing in just two short years? Countless hours of 'outside the box' thinking and planning produced a solid business plan for a naturist park that inspired enough confidence in our members to both fund it and build it. We owe money only to ourselves, with not one thin dime owed to any external bank or lender. Everything we have, including our new land, is fully ours — paid in full. Except for the help of a few necessary tradespeople, every hour of labour that has gone into our park has been volunteered by our own members" (see "Manitoba's Naturist Legacy is open for business"). Naturist Legacy Park is not open to the general public. It's a private park open to Naturist Legacy Inc. members, their guests, and to affiliated AANR and FCN members by reservation.

As of July 1, 2014 (the date I resigned from the Naturist Legacy Inc. board of directors and suspended my construction work at the park), amenities included:

Graveled roadways
20 seasonal lots (all had 30 AMP power, a few had sewer hookups, none had water hookups)
A large tenting area
A sanitary dump station
A pump house (the source of the park's potable water)
A washroom/shower building
An outdoor shower building
A swimming pool with large sun deck
A sand volleyball court
A bocce court
Horseshoe pits
Groomed meadows
Hiking trails
An unfinished clubhouse

As of July 1, 2014, Naturist Legacy Inc. had approximately 85 members. Naturist Legacy Park was family friendly and fully nudist. It was not clothing-optional. Members were expected to be nude whenever and wherever possible. People interested in joining were directed to a Web page that offered general information about membership including fees and rules (see a screenshot). All prospective members were required to provide a Criminal Record Check after a free introductory day visit. Casual day membership was $30 per visit for singles and $60 per visit for couples. Full membership with unlimited visits was $150 per year for singles and $300 per year for couples. Seasonal lots were $750 per year. By design, the board of directors provided most of the labour necessary to operate the park. While members at large were at times encouraged to volunteer their help, such volunteering was not mandatory or broadly expected. See the Membership Application, Fee Schedule, Nudist Etiquette Guide and Rules that were then in effect.

*PLEASE NOTE: The information above is historical in nature (circa July 1, 2014 or earlier) and may not reflect current circumstances within Naturist Legacy Inc. or at Naturist Legacy Park. Contact them directly if you wish to obtain up-to-date information.


John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Park Scrapbook is about preserving and sharing nudist history. Content is relevant to Manitoba naturists, Manitoba naturism, Manitoba nudists and Manitoba nudism.

Naturism (also called nudism) is the practice of going without clothing in social settings (generally in mixed-gender groups of all ages) in the belief that doing so is beneficial.

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