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  • 2010...
    • 35. Gallery 01 (300px) (1000px) The land that would become Naturist Legacy Park
    • 36. Gallery 02 (300px) (1000px) The first few days on the new Naturist Legacy Inc. land
    • 37. Gallery 03 (300px) (1000px) The massive effort to create a new Hydro line corridor
    • 38. Gallery 04 (300px) (1000px) Moving our cottage from the old campground
    • 39. Gallery 05 (300px) (1000px) The new Naturist Legacy Inc. land under December snow
  • 2011...
    • 40. Gallery 06 (300px) (1000px) Manitoba Hydro tries to install the new power line in winter
    • 41. Gallery 07 (300px) (1000px) Manitoba Hydro installs their poles after the snow melts
    • 42. Gallery 08 (300px) (1000px) Manitoba Hydro installs wires and a transformer
    • 43. Gallery 09 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy Park's new water well is drilled
    • 44. Gallery 10 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy members tackle smaller development projects
    • 45. Gallery 11 (300px) (1000px) Two concrete sewage holding tanks are installed
    • 46. Gallery 12 (300px) (1000px) The underground phone line is trenched in
    • 47. Gallery 13 (300px) (1000px) Underground electrical wiring is installed
    • 48. Gallery 14 (300px) (1000px) Small but important water and waste projects
    • 49. Gallery 15 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy Park finally has electricity
    • 50. Gallery 16 (300px) (1000px) The park gets a new pump house and water system
    • 51. Gallery 17 (300px) (1000px) Construction begins on the new washroom/shower building
    • 52. Gallery 18 (300px) (1000px) Construction continues on the new washroom/shower building
    • 53. Gallery 19 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy Park's volleyball court takes shape
    • 54. Gallery 20 (300px) (1000px) The park's first full year of development comes to a close
  • 2012...
    • 55. Gallery 21 (300px) (1000px) An early spring brings an early resumption to construction at the park
    • 56. Gallery 22 (300px) (1000px) Building the fence that would enclose the new swimming pool
    • 57. Gallery 23 (300px) (1000px) The new washroom/shower building is completed
    • 58. Gallery 24 (300px) (1000px) Work begins on Naturist Legacy Park's new swimming pool
    • 59. Gallery 25 (300px) (1000px) Work continues on Naturist Legacy Park's new swimming pool
    • 60. Gallery 26 (300px) (1000px) A splash deck for the park's new swimming pool is built
    • 61. Gallery 27 (300px) (1000px) Constructing the new outdoor showers and pool equipment enclosure
    • 62. Gallery 28 (300px) (1000px) Beach sand is delivered and the volleyball court is completed
    • 63. Gallery 29 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy Park's front yard receives a needed makeover
    • 64. Gallery 30 (300px) (1000px) Naturist Legacy Park's meadows in the middle of summer
    • 65. Gallery 31 (300px) (1000px) A variety of smaller construction and development projects
    • 66. Gallery 32 (300px) (1000px) Work begins on Naturist Legacy Park's new sun deck
    • 67. Gallery 33 (300px) (1000px) The park's new sun deck is joined with existing decks
    • 68. Gallery 34 (300px) (1000px) The park's campground is upgraded to 30 AMP power
    • 69. Gallery 35 (300px) (1000px) Preparing to begin construction on the park's new clubhouse
    • 70. Gallery 36 (300px) (1000px) Strip footings for the clubhouse are formed and poured
    • 71. Gallery 37 (300px) (1000px) The floor and walls are framed for the new clubhouse
    • 72. Gallery 38 (300px) (1000px) Adding rafters to Naturist Legacy Park's new clubhouse
    • 73. Gallery 39 (300px) (1000px) The rafters get plywood sheathing and metal roofing is applied
    • 74. Gallery 40 (300px) (1000px) Wall sheathing, doors, windows and soffit are all finished
    • 75. Gallery 41 (300px) (1000px) Walls are framed inside; decks and steps are built outside
    • 76. Gallery 42 (300px) (1000px) Windows, deck railings and other exterior work completed
    • 77. Gallery 43 (300px) (1000px) The clubhouse has its electrical and plumbing systems roughed in
    • 78. Gallery 44 (300px) (1000px) Insulation, vapour barrier and drywall are added to the clubhouse
    • 79. Gallery 45 (300px) (1000px) A bunch of photos that didn't fit in any of the other galleries
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