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Media coverage from John Kundert's time as Naturist Legacy's president:

It has happened to clubs like ours before, and we should have seen it coming: a decades-old nudist club that didn't own our land. In early 2010, the worst happened. The owners of the campground where we'd been for 40 years unexpectedly took it textile...and we were suddenly homeless. This severe loss tested our club as never before, but we didn't let it destroy us. We devised an innovative recovery plan and immediately launched a land search that resulted in the purchase of new property just a few months later.... One often hears about cars that go from zero to sixty in just a few seconds. Well, Naturist Legacy has gone from absolutely nothing to an operational nudist park in just two years. How did the small club do it? Well, it took lots of "outside the box" thinking (we believe our distinctive business model is somewhat rare in the nudist world). It took lots of internal member funding (we owe money only to ourselves, with not one thin dime owed to any external bank or lender). And it took the enormously hard work of talented and highly motivated members (almost every bit of physical work has been ours).... Naturist Legacy members are one relentlessly determined group of social nudists. We look upon what we've been able to accomplish over the past two years with great pride and satisfaction.

Excerpts from "Determined Nudists Earn A New Beginning" by the Naturist Legacy Inc. Board
The Bulletin, American Association for Nude Recreation, March 2013

The full text of this article is available from John Kundert on request.

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