My name is John Kundert. I'm a founder of Manitoba's only nudist park (Naturist Legacy Park) and the corporation that owns it (Naturist Legacy Inc.). Helping to create a non-profit corporation and helping to build a nudist park from the ground up were experiences of a lifetime. This digital scrapbook offers glimpses into those interesting years of my life and more.

Here's a small sample of what you'll find in my scrapbook...

Avisory Council Meeting Held

A formidable task list (see http://www.naturistlegacy.org/docs/task_list.txt*) was distributed to Advisory Council members detailing our aggressive development goals for 2011. The size and scope of what needs to be done this year is admittedly a bit overwhelming. However, each individual job has a beginning and an end, and not every job will be undertaken at the same time. If we manage our priorities correctly, the jobs will be completed one by one and in the proper order. The size of the list will gradually diminish and we should have it completed by next fall. If all goes to plan, Naturist Legacy Park will have undergone an amazing transformation by season's end!...

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Naturism (also called nudism) is the practice of going without clothing in social settings (generally in mixed-gender groups of all ages) in the belief that doing so is beneficial.
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