My name is John Kundert. I'm a founder of both Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park. Helping to create a non-profit corporation and helping to build a nudist park from the ground up were experiences of a lifetime. This digital scrapbook offers glimpses into those interesting years of my life and more.


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  • 2010...
    • 12. Gallery 01 The land that would become Naturist Legacy Park
    • 13. Gallery 02 The first few days on the new Naturist Legacy Inc. land
    • 14. Gallery 03 The massive effort to create a new Hydro line corridor
    • 15. Gallery 04 Moving our cottage from the old campground
    • 16. Gallery 05 The new Naturist Legacy Inc. land under December snow
  • 2011...
    • 17. Gallery 06 Manitoba Hydro's preparation for winter installation of the power line
    • 18. Gallery 07 Manitoba Hydro installs their poles after the snow melts
    • 19. Gallery 08 Manitoba Hydro installs power lines and a transformer
    • 20. Gallery 09 Naturist Legacy Park's new water well is drilled
    • 21. Gallery 10 Naturist Legacy members tackle smaller development projects
    • 22. Gallery 11 Two concrete sewage holding tanks are installed
    • Many more photo galleries coming soon
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John Kundert's Naturist Legacy Inc. / Naturist Legacy Park Scrapbook is relevant to Manitoba naturists, Manitoba naturism, Manitoba nudists and Manitoba nudism. Naturism (also called nudism) is the practice of going without clothing in social settings (generally in mixed-gender groups of all ages) in the belief that doing so is beneficial.

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